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“We really appreciate your help in uncovering an illegal Airbnb hotel in one of our buildings. I know that was an incredibly challenging effort, and your perseverance was critical in breaking up that operation. As of this month, we have gained possession of all the formerly illegally occupied units. Our tenants are safer, now that we know who is actually living in our buildings. Knowing that you were on our team, and that we could rely on your findings, significantly strengthened our positions in court, as well as during buyout negotiations.”

Susan Podziba
General Partner
250-252 Elizabeth St. Family Partnership


“I have worked with the Samatt Research team for close to a decade now. The employees are familiar with the equipment they use, how it works, how the data is retrieved, and how it is stored and analyzed. The company and its personnel work diligently to produce high quality evidence that is admissible at trial. In addition, Samatt Research has provided excellent testimony at a number of successful trials that I litigated. I highly recommend Samatt Research.”

Jeffrey M. Goldman, Esq.
Solil Management LLC &
Sol Goldman Investments LLC


“Samatt has been doing our ‘video’ surveillance for many years. They provide high quality service, including video recording, logging the information and appearing in court to testify on behalf of our clients. Samatt does an excellent job in meeting our requirements.”

Joseph Burden
Belkin Burden Wenig & Goldman, LLP


“I cannot even begin to tell you how pleased we are with the work and reports that you and your company have provided to us all these years. You are a man of impeccable integrity, extremely honest and forthcoming and have the uncanny ability to know exactly what your client needs and how to achieve those goals. I don’t know how you do it, but it absolutely amazes me on how much detail you are able to obtain in such a short period of time. You truly know your business!”

Maurice A. Mann
Chief Executive Officer
Mann Realty Associates


“Argo Real Estate has utilized the services of Samatt Research Services for over 20 years. Samatt provides custom, focused attention and personalized service to each and every investigation. Their reports are clear, concise, and have often resulted in open-and-shut cases, providing us with the ability to settle before going to court.”

Mark Moskowitz
Argo Real Estate




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